With a stately cutaway or a tailcoat, you can set a festive highlight on the probably most beautiful day of your life. But even simpler suit variants look very elegant in combination with suit vests made of eye-catching silk products.

A charming expression, almost a symbolic commitment, is generated by wearing a suit vest made of the wedding dress silk taffeta. These glamorous suit vests also look stylish with longer frock coats with or without a stand-up collar. A plastron, dickey or necktie can be combined with a matching pocket square – also made of the same taffeta or silk material.


Features and variants of a black-tie style suit for this festive occasion:

  • Jacket top and trousers (usually) made from black barathea
  • Tailored, tuxedo or patricide-collar shirt as well as plastron, dickey or bow tie (or necktie) matched in colour with the wedding dress
  • Tailcoat short in front to the waist, with the two characteristic swallowtails in the back
  • “Modern” smoking jacket or tuxedo
  • Tuxedo with cummerbund or combined with tuxedo vest
  • Side seams of the trousers with satin silk piping
  • Lapels panelled with the same satin (mostly black silk satin)
  • Cutaway jacket top made of gray barathea and typical trousers in Stresemann look

Can also be worn with:

  • Classic tweed shirt, though mostly a simpler festive shirt with a concealed button placket (patricide or Kent collar) in white or ecrue, bow tie and pocket square matched in colour with the entire ensemble

Features and variations of a simpler suit style – ennobled by a suit vest and festive accessories

  • Suit vest made of eye-catching silk products
  • Suit vest made of silk taffeta of the wedding dress
  • Plastron, dickey or necktie with a matching pocket square – also made of the same taffeta or silk fabric

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