Measurements and Consultations

Measurements and consultiations take place in showrooms or at suit parties. In the showrooms, our qualified specialists take 1½ to 2 hours time exclusively for you to create a type-fitting suit that meets your individual requests and the standards of the JO FREYHERR House. Not only your body measurements, but also the specifics of your posture and your wearing habits play an important role.

The starting point are the technical patterns developed by JO FREYHERR in all conceivable cuts that are impossible to find in ready-made clothes.

You receive suggestions, tips and hints on trends regarding a favorable cut and appropriate choice of fabric in a comprehensive personal consultation.

The result is your very own suit – tailor-made, with a personal touch, or simply unmistakable.


Quality standard

All JO FREYHERR suits are designed according to your wishes and stand out for their sophisticated basic features, as is customary only for good made-to-measure suits.

  • General style: one-button, two-button, three-button, double-breasted suit, frock coat
  • A very large assortment of over 500 firmer (Super 80) to softer (Super 140) JO FREYHERR outer fabrics of different colour, pattern and structure; renowned weaving mills, such as Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ariston, Cerruti or Holland & Sherry, and small British fine textile mills, such as Bateman Ogden, Harrisons of Edinburgh, Lear Browne & Dunsford.
  • Free choice of JO FREYHERR lining fabrics
  • Lapel width as well as lapel and gorge seam design
  • Pocket design
  • Pick stitch, if necessary
  • Alignment of the sleeve buttons
  • Other detail solutions
  • Kufner horsehair canvas interlining for form stability (“half-canvassed” suits)
  • Helsa shoulder pads, layer and finishing padding, crown pads)
  • Sewn collar, interlining and lapels
  • Insides padded and blind-stitched
  • One-part facing
  • Tropical walnut wood or tagua horn buttons
  • AMANN saba and Serafil embroidery threads
  • Cupro (or Bemberg silk) and viscose & modal lining fabrics

Basic Suit

The Basic Made-To-Measure Suit is based on over 150 technical patterns developed by JO FREYHERR. This gives you 14 times more basic sizes to choose from compared to the classical ready-made clothes.

You will receive a suit tailored to your needs, based on 7 times more precise basic values. In contrast to ready-made clothes, the suit will definitley fit.

Everything that makes a good suit and cannot usually be achieved in ready-made clothes will be fulfilled.

  • Matching shoulder/back section (no gap between the shirt collar and the jacket)
  • Close-fitting cut
  • Sleeves with the right length (slightly shorter than the shirt cuff)
  • Proper rise and seat
  • Jacket and trouser length modern and flattering
  • No excessive wrinkling

You can get the Basic Suit as a 2- or 3-piece outfit (vested).

  • Basic Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket and trousers
    629 EUR
  • Basic Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket, trousers, individual ready-made shirt
    699 EUR
  • Basic Suit / custom-made-suit
    with jacket, vest and trousers
    729 EUR

Smart Suit

The Smart Suit is the result of a more sophisticated systemic approach to the making of a tailored suit.

  • tangible
    You get a clear idea of the finished suit already at the measurement appointment.
  • fast
    Only one consultation and measurement appointment is necessary. The sleeve try-on is omitted.
  • precise
    The personal cut created on the basis of individual modifications of one of the 150 technical patterns is the exact template for making your perfectly-fitting suit.
  • reasonably priced
    You pay the price of a ready-made suit for the quality of a custom-made suit.

There are 60 possible individual modifications for a 2-piece suit and 80 for a 3-piece suit.

The posture is also taken into account in all modifications. The result is a suit with an elegant, light silhouette.

  • Chest, back and shoulder width as well as neck width
  • Front and back length
  • Axial symmetry adjustment of the side parts
  • Armhole, neckline, sleeve pitch, length and width
  • Vertical alignment of the sleeve laterals
  • Bottom and seat width 
  • Jacket length and front edges 
  • Lapel pinching
  • Waist and seat width
  • Front, side and rear body heights
  • Trouser length
  • Top/bottom width 
  • Shoulder
  • Armhole 
  • Neck line 
  • Vest length and front edges
  • Smart Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket, trousers
    749 EUR
  • Smart Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket, trousers, individual ready-made shirt
    819 EUR
  • Smart Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket, vest, trousers
    889 EUR

Bespoke Suit

At JO FREYHERR, you can opt for a full made-to-measure (bespoke) suit. Your body measurements are taken, and the idea for the suit is developed jointly with you. All the cut subtleties are worked out on the body,  and the suit will be perfectly attuned in two or three try-on appointments, including sleeve fittings.

You can also choose from the range of form-stable (Super 80) to soft fabrics (Super 140).

The typical features of a bespoke suit are the edge stitching on the lapels, blind-stitched insert and padding, hand-embellished buttonholes and button-down sleeve slits.

  • 2-piece Bespoke Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket, trousers
    from 1.380 EUR
  • 3-piece Bespoke Suit / custom-made suit
    with jacket, vest, trousers
    from 1.580 EUR
  • Jacketfrom 990 EUR
  • Trousersfrom 490 EUR
  • Vestfrom 230 EUR
  • 2-piece tuxedofrom 1.359 EUR
  • 2-piece tailcoatfrom 1.359 EUR
  • 2-piece cutawayfrom 1.359 EUR
  • Coatfrom 1.049 EUR
  • Trenchcoatfrom 1.195 EUR


We also gladly fulfill the special textile wishes of ladies. Based on the proven JO FREYHERR system, trouser suits or costumes – from classically stylish to fashionably chic – are designed according to your individual measurements.

The result are garments  that match your body measurements and wearing habits and are a perfect fit.

  • Basic Suit / custom-made suit
    with blazer, skirt
    639 EUR
  • Basic Suit / custom-made suit
    mit blazer, trousers
    679 EUR
  • Basic Suit / custom-made suit
    with blazer, skirt, trousers
    799 EUR
  • Basic – custom-made blazer

    499 EUR
  • Basic – custom-made skirt
    209 EUR
  • Basic – custom-made trousers
    249 EUR
  • Smart Suit / custom-made suit
    with blazer, skirt
    759 EUR
  • Smart Suit / custom-made suit
    with blazer, trousers
    819 EUR
  • Smart Suit / custom-made suit
    with blazer, skirt, trousers
    959 EUR
  • Smart – custom-made blazer
    599 EUR
  • Smart – custom-made skirt
    229 EUR
  • Smart – custom-made trousers
    289 EUR

Custom-made shirts

We use a variety of fabrics, designs and qualities to create custom-made shirts of various styles jointly with our cooperation partners van Laack and Cotonificio Albini.

The collar consists of an inner and outer band as well as of an upper and lower collar. For an optimal fit, the collar curve is cut to size. Depending on taste and occasion, you can choose from a variety of collar options. The neck to waist and the neck to shoulder length as well as the sleeve length and width of the cusom-made shirt are determined individually regardless of the neck size. For an elegant fit, the cuffs are made with an insert and adapted to your wrist circumference.

On request, your initials can be embroidered on the shirt.

The prices range between 139 EUR and 212 EUR.


We look forward to seeing you!

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